Top 10 Well-Paying Jobs For A Single Mom In Canada

So, you are a mom and you are stuck with taking care of your kids or kid all by yourself as a single mom? One of the major challenges you are going to face is balancing your work or career with taking care of your kids which is the number one duty of parents. There are so many jobs for a single mom in Canada.

In some countries, if you are found unfit to take care of your child in one way or the other or putting your child in harm’s way whether intentional or not, your child will be taken from you and sent to a foster home.

One way to lose credibility as a parent is failing to balance a career with your personal life. So below are some jobs you should consider as a parent or single mom and also earn enough cash to take care of your kids while managing your time;

Top 10 Jobs For A Single Mom in Canada

  • Hairstylist

As a stylist, you are your own boss and you actually do the job you enjoy so much while making good profits in the process. The wages per hour ranges from $12 – $18.

  • Event Planner

As an event planner, you really do not have much need for an office which means you can work from home. But for professionalism, and reference purposes, you have to get an office but then you still work at your own time. The wages per hour ranges from $20 – $30.

  • Teaching

This is one of the most less time-consuming jobs in Canada, allows you to have quality time with your kid because you automatically work with the same time as your kids. When they are in school, you will also be in school and also be back at the same time when they dismiss. Even when they don’t attend the school you teach at. The wages per hour ranges from $15 – $20.

  • Realtors

As a real estate officer or agent, you get to set your own schedules on when and where to meet you, clients. This would allow you to manage your time efficiently. The wages per hour ranges from $20- $30.

  • Registered Massage Therapist

Many women tend to have that healing vibe so it’s no surprise that many are drawn into this field. This The wages per hour ranges from $20- $30.

  • Nanny

This job is also an option for you if you are looking for a good-paying job while earning good money too. The wages per hour ranges from $20- $27.

  • Home Childcare Provider

You can care for babies and other littles who are still too young for school and make cool money while doing that. The wages per hour ranges from $15- $23.

  • Entrepreneur

Owning your own business makes you your own boss, which means you can manage your time the way you want it. The wages per hour ranges from $30 – $50 may be more or less depending on the business.

  • Graphic Designer

The Graphic design job is one of the lucrative occupations in Canada. It does not only allow you to work at your own time, but you also get to earn good money. The wages per hour ranges from $30 – $50 may be more or less depending on the business.

  • Language Translator

If you are fluent in more than one language and you can easily translate languages, then congratulations you have got a stay at home job. The wages per hour ranges from $30 – $50.

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