RES4Africa Foundation Advanced Training Course 2022 (Funded to Milan, Italy)


RES4Africa Foundation is happy to announce the launch of the decision for applications for the ninth edition of the Advanced coaching Course (ATC), which can be command in Milano from Gregorian calendar month twenty one to Dec a pair of, 2022.






The 2022 edition is command in partnership with Enel Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and also the European Investment Bank, unitedly with Politecnico di Milano grad school of Management and SDA Bocconi.




The coaching sessions are going to be dedicated to renewable energy with target technical, economic and restrictive core competences and advanced tools to assess and deploy the energy solutions in numerous contexts.




A full scholarship are going to be awarded to up to fifty African professionals from geographical area and Southern and japanese Mediterranean countries. moreover, RES4Africa opens the applying to ten candidates from its members and stakeholders’ network, additionally to a different ten opportunities for pH.D. and MD students from Italian and international universities.




  • Be a subject of associate African country;


  • Have associate adequate seniority (minimum of five years within the energy field);


  • Be eligible to trip Italy;


  • Be totally expert in English.






All candidates applying for the complete scholarship ar needed to register and complete the applying type and submit all needed documents by August twenty eight, 2022.


Applicants from RES4Africa Members and Stakeholders and pH.D. and MD students should submit their applications by Oct one, 2022.


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  1. This is a very good opportunity for some PhD and MD holders….. better news🤭

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