Catapult Development Grant 2022 for Documentary Filmmakers (up to $20,000

Applications for the Catapult Development Grant 2022 square measure currently open. Catapult offers early support to propel comes forward that hold the promise of a story that ought to be unambiguously told in film.




They provide development funding to documentary filmmakers UN agency have a powerful story to inform, have secured access, and square measure able to produce a fundraising piece to assist unlock vital production funding. they permit filmmakers to develop their comes to subsequent level, at the first stage once funding is difficult to search out. They support powerful and moving storytelling, by filmmakers with a powerful voice across a broad spectrum of material.




A $20,000 grant is given to the chosen project.




  • Applicants should be eighteen years elderly or older. Catapult doesn’t fund student films.


  • Documentaries should be twenty eight minutes or longer long. they are doing not fund series.


  • Animation is okay. Documentary/narrative hybrids are going to be thought of on a individual basis.


  • Development funds should specifically be used for the method of finishing a fundraising piece, which can embrace writing, shooting and piece of writing once story and characters square measure in situ.


  • Applicants should own the copyright of their production, and have creative, fund and editorial management over their project.




  • Applicants ought to ideally have previous film or tv production expertise in an exceedingly principal role (director, co-director, producer, co-producer) as incontestable by submitting antecedently completed work sample. candidates UN agency haven’t however made or directed their own feature length documentary ought to demonstrate that they’re going to be operating with AN toughened film maker in an exceedingly principal role.




  • Catapult solely makes grants to 501(c)(3) organizations. In most cases, this can mean obtaining a 501(c)(3) financial sponsor for the project. a movie production company or individual, as well as candidates from outside the US, could submit AN application while not a financial sponsor in situ.





Selection Criteria




  • Creative, artful, compelling and innovative storytelling techniques


  • Strong story narrative at the core of the film


  • A unique perspective or approach; use of humor a and



Contemporary connexion




  • Feasibility of the project with reference to its budget, financing, schedule and scope



  • Demonstrated ability of the inventive team to possess enforced previous comes



  • Grant quantity ought to have vital impact on development stage of the project



  • Emphasis on the story not the lesson or agenda of the film maker



  • Filmmakers should demonstrate credible access and rapport with the planned subject(s) of the story.



  • Originality of kind, approach or content



  •  Potential of the project to come up with public discourse and social engagement






The development grant is presently open through August thirty one, 2022 in the dead of night civil time.


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